Introduction to Visual Analytics

Materials for class on Monday, August 19, 2019


Tweet of the day:

Hadley Wickham is the R guru amongst gurus. He developed dplyr, ggplot2, (and many other R packages) and now is Chief Scientist for RStudio, leading the direction of RStudio’s research. If you want some idea of his contribution, see his GitHub repos.

Slides & Lab

  1. Introduction to Visual Analytics: full screen / pdf version

Click here and press F for full screen.

  1. Michael Friendly’s Psych 6135: Psychology of Data Visualization Introduction and OverviewThese slides were modified for this class.

  1. Lab: Intro to R/RStudio and RMarkdown

Our first exercise will be running Chapter 2: Get started in Healy (02_get_started.Rmd).

The great thing with RStudio.Cloud, is that I already installed all of the packages.

However, if you want to run this on your own local machine, you’ll need to install all of the packages locally. To get started, you’ll need to follow Kieran’s instructions to get the socviz package.